Our participant NGO’s: Otras Ideas

We offer informal workshops about sewing for women, but there also have been men. It is a space where women can meet and share experiences and know how to use sewing machines. Theatre forum is a tool for popular education with the aim of visualizing the problems of population. We have international exchanges in Europe, working with young people […]

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Our participant NGO’s: TERRA VERA

Terra Vera, Association for Sustainable development, is a community organization from Kostanjevica na Krki, small rural town in Slovenia. It was founded in 2011. General objectives of our Institute are protection of natural & cultural heritage, development of resilient community and implementation of the principles of sustainable development in praxis. We are focusing on the […]

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Guerrilla in action

Monday 1st December Monday is The day.  In the morning, the Agora classroom has been an exciting and buzzing place, while we were all rehearsing for our real street Guerilla Actions. Last corrections, final chance to improve unsatisfying details, rethink budgets, get the crazy hats on and fire our bursting energies down to the Monday […]

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